mandag den 30. juli 2012


dress by whyred | kicks by reebok | sunnies by h&m
no doubt i miss paris!!


pants by aïsso (paris) | tee by h&m | boots alma from acne | silver ring from paris

me on a monday in my new favorite pants bought in paris and my beloved alma boots from acne - they are truly made for walking!!


the beautiful stainer basket sneakers by isabel mar ant | image belongs to

the isabel marant sneakers are pretty much all over these days - however, i just spotted these "low" sneakers called "stainer basket" and i think they are the bomb;-) 

yet, i'm low on cash and a girl has got to prioritize! i fell in love with an aw12 item from the same brand, so i think i'll have to let these sneakers go..that's life, right?;-)


søndag den 29. juli 2012

wool shorts by carven |

i'm already in the autumn mode and i keep finding all these beautiful pieces that i need to fit in my wardrobe for aw 2012:-) these wool shorts from carven would be so elegant and nice to keep me winter warm - have to start saving;-)

did you guys find any good items for autumn yet?


allez allez quiltet jacket

saw this cool jacket from new brand alley alley by pernille teisbæk - i need it!! at 799 dkk i'd say it is a real find!



vpl bra found on la garçonne

today, i need a "lift";-) too much partying last night, too little sleep and one heavy head. i randomly found this cool bra (loving the straps!) on a cool webshop la garçon. what else is there to do on a sunday??:-) 


lørdag den 28. juli 2012


amore! found here

wauv...i'm on my way out the door and off to a little soirée at my friends' house - i'd love to dance the night away in these alexander wang heels!! in stead Ii'm working it nørrebro style in sneakers;-)



dress by gina tricot borrowed from a friend - should i buy it?:-)


fredag den 27. juli 2012


dotted 2end hand dress from paris | vintage watch | silver ring from paris


torsdag den 26. juli 2012


weather forecast on
i'm not satisfied with this forecast but hey...i'm happy and still in "a paris state of mind". i can really feel that my twelve days of relaxing, romancing and relaxing in paris has done me good. i'm so happy and thankful for everything in my life:-) 

these days i feel like one bottle of champagne bubbling from happiness! i'm ready to take on 2end half of 2012!



bruuns bazaar ss13 | photo by anywho

bruuns bazaar ss13 | photo by anywho

ok - i spotted these snapshots from one of my favorite fashion blogs where i'm a dedicated fan and reader. they are from bruuns bazaar ss13 collection and i gotta say wauuuuv! there are some really cool items that i've got to take a much closer look at once they arrive in the shops.

here are some of my favorite pieces - the pictures belong to the talented bloggers from anywho



hey guys! here are some photos from my first visit at the only sky bar in copenhagen. it is located at the hotel "bella sky" and i can really recommend going there to check out the view. 

i was so excited about showing the pictures - i had such a nice time there and the cocktails were tasty and the bar also has a good selection of "nordic tapas" - not bad huh?.

if you don't have friday night planned out yet, this is the place to be;-)



knit from isabel mar ant etoile on

knit from isabel mar ant etoile on

my eyes are on this perfect and chunky knit from etoile isabel marant. perfect for those cold autumn days in copenhagen - are you guys planning your aw12 wardrobe or are you all about summer?:-)


onsdag den 25. juli 2012


bag by maison martin margiela

bag by maison martin margiela

love this bag from maison martin margiela - in fact i love the whole aw collection including the clothes, bags and shoes.


tirsdag den 24. juli 2012


Marques’Almeida sandals from Opening Ceremony

reblogging today - saw these @anywho and @vanillascented so cool! white, chunky in the right way and perfection with the white socks - added to my wish list immediately!


onsdag den 18. juli 2012


goodnight you guys - it's really late for me, so tired right now that my eyes have become extremely small;-) the trip back from paris was fine, everything went smooth, which was nice. right know, my stomach is calling for food and i have nothing at home:-( i have to go out and see what copenhagen has to offer at this late hour!

love and sleep tight!

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012


stine goya scarf on sale | found at b56 store

stine goya scarf on sale | found at b56 store

here is a little sale tip for you guys - i found this beautiful scarf by danish designer stine goya. with french balloons and everything. it cost only 300 dkk now, which i think is a real find!


mandag den 16. juli 2012


top by topshop | silk shorts | reebok sneakers (i love them!!) | trench coat by debenhams

closeup of my new "parisian" silk shorts - i love them so much already, so nice to wear and the color is very cheeky;-)

these reebok babies have been my best friend on this big city trip - i won't take them off;-)

la grande arche in paris - la defense

it's windy!

found this guide to paris in the taschen store in lafayette and found a nice restaurant tip for the evening - the food was lovely and we met some sweet french ladies there - i love paris!!

quick paris tour update for you lovely guys:-) enjoy!