lørdag den 30. juni 2012


//i'm taking care of two kitties since my friends are away on holiday - i'm already getting very attached to them;-) they make me so happy every day <3 



untitled by maison martin margiela | pic is property of allure

//today my scent is untitled.. this is what i want to wear for the rest of the summer. nothing more, nothing less!


fredag den 29. juni 2012


zelia dress by whyred

//tonight i'm gonna party it up in this dress from swedish whyred. i don't know if this picture does the dress justice - i think it looks way better on:-) btw, whyred is having a sale in their copenhagen shop and online here. there are a lot of nice styles!!



sneakers by shoe biz | tee by h&m | leggings by american apparel

//just got my shoe biz high sneakers and i already love them!! got myself quite the nice sneaker collection by now, only one pair missing;-) i'm looking for white reebok sneakers in a sice 35,5-36 so please share a link if you know where to get them!!



me+beautiful zenz girl:-)

watching a cool zenz short cut in action:-)

beautiful hair styling

i've got to try out this cool hair do!! really easy concept of making knots on a regular ponytail


me and cool zenz girl, who was very sweet and patient with her "students" 


curling your own hair can be tough - me in action, i think i did okay:-)

beautiful haircut!! made me want to cut my hair immediately!

//hola chicas - i'm back!! last week i went to a really nice event at a hair salon called "zenz". they have several salons in copenhagen and their concept is using only green/organic products, which i think is really cool. 

i haven't had a haircut at their salons yet but a close friend of mine is a regular costumer and she took me to the zenz event, and i'm definitely going to book an appointment with them next time i need a haircut!!

we had such a nice time there, sipping champagne, eating organic sushi and learning all about mastering the technique of curling the hair with a straigthening iron. it was so much fun and my hair looked very sexy afterwards with all the curls;-)

hope you guys enjoy the pictures and the short video - conclusion: curls are pretty easy and fast to make once you know the technique!! 


onsdag den 6. juni 2012


source | lightning factory
//this DIY skirt is amazing!! i'm totally into quilt and i like that it can become edgy, when used on a skirt and not just the regular quilted jackets - awesome. have to find this fabric and make one for me:)



//i think so!!! how much do i love this video and how much do i love this collab??;-) i can't wait to see this collection! i love elin kling, her style, her personality, her spirit, her beauty - she is the fashion blogger icon numero uno for me among the super bloggers!!

lots of love elin - you deserve it 


white shirt secondhand | jeans by acne | bronze choker by weekday

//bought me this white shirt, when i was on the second hand shopping spree i told you guys about the other day. these days i'm really into two things; white and shirts!! 

this shirt caught my eye because of the flower detail in front. the shirt looks totally new, so it's former owner must have taken good care of it or not worn it at all i guess;-) nice for me!

i liked this simple outfit for monday - my jeans are my favorite acne's:)

have a great night 





//nude bomber like jacket from cos - perfect for those summer evenings ♥


tirsdag den 5. juni 2012


happy with new DIY skirt - hopped on the chair to show you guys;-)


//i got so inspired by my favorite fashion blogs (vanillascented, love aesthetics etc) that i decided to get my old sewing machine from the loft and start sewing some of my own clothes. i don't have any ambitions when it comes to sewing and designing clothes but i still think it is fun, and some years ago i was really into designing my own things, so i thought why not give it another try. 

especially these days, where minimal rocks my world, it is the perfect occasion to start sewing. everything do not have to be perfect - i actually love the unfinished look on my clothes, and this is clearly to my advantage, since i'm a little lazy, when the sewing gets too complicated;-)

some quick pictures of my latest project - pencil skirt, totally easy to make. cut out three pieces of white garment, attach the zipper in the back et voilá. 

if you'd like to make this kind of skirt, good inspiration can be found here and here

mandag den 4. juni 2012


//it's been long since i last vintage shopped. this weekend, i was in my home town and spotted a great little shop run by some sweet grey-haired ladies:-) i went crazy in there, so many treasures in one place. this is probably my dark secret - i like going through other people's old stuff haha. i get high with all those pretty things, taking cool items home with me that are unique and that are also saved from being thrown away. 

the nice ladies told me that every first weekend of the month everything is marked down 50% and the prices being incredibly low already imagine my thrill!! i got the most beautiful wool jacket for 25 kr and many, many other stuff. 

first things first - i'll show you a quick photo of this long shall we say evening jacket;-) 50 kr and very much to my liking:)

hope you had a nice weekend?



neon around the neck - zara.com