tirsdag den 5. juni 2012


happy with new DIY skirt - hopped on the chair to show you guys;-)


//i got so inspired by my favorite fashion blogs (vanillascented, love aesthetics etc) that i decided to get my old sewing machine from the loft and start sewing some of my own clothes. i don't have any ambitions when it comes to sewing and designing clothes but i still think it is fun, and some years ago i was really into designing my own things, so i thought why not give it another try. 

especially these days, where minimal rocks my world, it is the perfect occasion to start sewing. everything do not have to be perfect - i actually love the unfinished look on my clothes, and this is clearly to my advantage, since i'm a little lazy, when the sewing gets too complicated;-)

some quick pictures of my latest project - pencil skirt, totally easy to make. cut out three pieces of white garment, attach the zipper in the back et voilá. 

if you'd like to make this kind of skirt, good inspiration can be found here and here

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