mandag den 4. juni 2012


//it's been long since i last vintage shopped. this weekend, i was in my home town and spotted a great little shop run by some sweet grey-haired ladies:-) i went crazy in there, so many treasures in one place. this is probably my dark secret - i like going through other people's old stuff haha. i get high with all those pretty things, taking cool items home with me that are unique and that are also saved from being thrown away. 

the nice ladies told me that every first weekend of the month everything is marked down 50% and the prices being incredibly low already imagine my thrill!! i got the most beautiful wool jacket for 25 kr and many, many other stuff. 

first things first - i'll show you a quick photo of this long shall we say evening jacket;-) 50 kr and very much to my liking:)

hope you had a nice weekend?


2 kommentarer:

  1. Det lyder FANTASTISK! Vil du afsløre hvor butikken ligger? :)

    1. Ja:-)

      Den ligger i Højby på Fyn, det er 8-9 km uden for Odense C. Tror det er den eneste genbrugsbutik der ligger i højby faktisk. Der er vist én butik mere, men det er udelukkende møbler.

      Kh. Mia