fredag den 29. juni 2012


me and cool zenz girl, who was very sweet and patient with her "students" 


curling your own hair can be tough - me in action, i think i did okay:-)

beautiful haircut!! made me want to cut my hair immediately!

//hola chicas - i'm back!! last week i went to a really nice event at a hair salon called "zenz". they have several salons in copenhagen and their concept is using only green/organic products, which i think is really cool. 

i haven't had a haircut at their salons yet but a close friend of mine is a regular costumer and she took me to the zenz event, and i'm definitely going to book an appointment with them next time i need a haircut!!

we had such a nice time there, sipping champagne, eating organic sushi and learning all about mastering the technique of curling the hair with a straigthening iron. it was so much fun and my hair looked very sexy afterwards with all the curls;-)

hope you guys enjoy the pictures and the short video - conclusion: curls are pretty easy and fast to make once you know the technique!! 


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