onsdag den 14. marts 2012

//live like carrie bradshaw


//kan i kende den her lejlighed/walk in closet??;-) nu er carrie bradshaws ydmyge hjem til salg (som slet ikke er så ydmyg endda, da man rent faktisk køber et fire etagers kompleks) til 55 mio kr. det er da lidt sjovt, ikk??

//do you guys recognize this apartment/walk in closet??;-) now the modest home of miss carrie bradshaw is for sale (which is actually not that modest at all, since you are buying a four stories home) at the price of 9,7 mio dollars. isn't that a little thrilling - the idea of actually living in this apartment??


2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh! How we wish to have a wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaws!!