mandag den 23. april 2012


good times for the everyone:-)

me being a little shy and end-of-the-week-tired

my roast chicken, yummy!!

light when we went in, total darkness as we walked out;-)

gurkins like grandma used to make them (almost)

my bf's lamb dish - not bad either

my view - able to see the kitchen, i like that (it looked nice and clean)

//i really like doing the candlelight dinner thing with my loved one:-) taking time to go out and have a nice dinner just me and my special guy is something i will always have on top of my to do list!! 

last friday we hit a new restaurant in the tivoli gardens...owned by the famous (only in dk i guess) tv chefs the brothers price. they do a kind of old school cooking, use extreme amounts of butter in their recipes, which i love them for;-) not saving on the calories that's for sure!!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Heysa :)
    Hvor er den fine paisley skjorte fra?
    Mvh. Sandra

    1. Hej Sandra:-)

      Den er fra weekday - tror de har den endnu.

      KH Mia