lørdag den 21. april 2012


shirt by hm - find it here

//i had the best friday night ever yesterday!!:-) took lots of pictures, which i will show you later today or maybe tomorrow. once again i went to tivoli gardens...have a feeling i will go there a lot this summer;-) my loved one got a free pass, which means he can go for free and bring one guest (me, me, me). they have concerts every friday night and yesterday was even cooler with only upcoming bands!! i loved it!! i heard the band "shanghai". they play arabesque pop music - really cool!!

so being up really late yesterday, has made this saturday morning a slow one for me with baking, cooking eggs and enjoying absolutely no plans today:-) i'm also in front of the computer satisfying my urge to cruise my favorite webshops and see all the new goodies!! i found this cute shirt, which i'd say is louis vuitton ss12 on a budget - i really like the collar, romantic and cute.

will talk to you later - tonight i'm meeting a good friends at one of my favorite hangouts here i cph: harbo bar!! see you there?;-)


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