søndag den 6. maj 2012


silk shirt by sara | dress by weekday | shoes converse | shades h&m

//making interesting outfit posts is a cool challenge i think - outfit post being one of the most cliche posts in blogland, yet also one of the most drawing ones!! after all, fashion is about finding inspiration and being curious about what people wear and how they wear it, right?;-) 

this was my friday outfit - i usually do not wear that many lengthy items due to my general "petiteness" but i still fell for this dress from weekday;-) i plan on wearing it a lot this summer - just gotta find that perfect top to wear underneath it. the weather was not all that on friday, so i chose to style the dress with my new silk shirt from sara - hope you like it!!

btw - i can't wait for summer to start!! yesterday night i went out for a late dinner and some really nice cocktails and it really felt like one of those perfect summer nights!


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