tirsdag den 3. juli 2012


//i've been in love with the acne alma boots long enough. with luxury buys i have to really think things over  and want to feel quite sure that i'm making the right decisions since my budget does not allow me to spontaneously buy many many items at thousands of kroners - unfortunately;-)

with the alma boots from acne it was love at first sight for me - i think it has been approximately 2 months since i saw them on a really chic girl in copenhagen and my considerations were over and it was only a matter of time. unfortunately, they were sold out in all the physical shops in my size, so a friend of mine did some amazing research on the net to find them!!

i chose to buy them from a danish webshop called stylepaste.com and this choice i did not regret. i had to make some special arrangements with the time of shipping and they have been most helpful. good service is something i have come to appreciate very much!! 

yesterday, the boots arrived with perfect timing and i can wear them on my long awaited holiday to paris:-) i think my croissant will taste even better wearing these beautiful boots if you know what i mean??


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