tirsdag den 10. juli 2012


me general fooling around - happy cause i got my favorite perfume from the original paris store

happy and ready to eat lunch:-)

le parfum:-)

nice detail with the mini bag:-)

such a nice scent and i even saved 100 dkk on this one compared to retail price back home

quick update from yesterday - i'm trying to keep you guys updated on the paris situation;-) yesterday, we hunted down the mason martin margiela store, which was not an easy task i can tell you. we did so many other things yesterday also, and i will definitely show you our pictures later!! went to a cool place called palais de tokyo - will tell you all about it!

i got my perfume "untitled" - i love the scent, discreet yet very feminine. also got a sample of some new scents from margiela.


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  1. Åh hvor jeg elsker dette afslappede stilede look! Det skal jeg helt klart huske! :)