torsdag den 12. juli 2012


pretty much speaks for it self:-)

me saying voilá:-)

we had a cookie!

i could eat it all!

beautiful - the parisians have a way of decor like no other people:-)

a little portrait:-)

i had this cake - the white stuff on top was amazing, tasted like a grilled marshmallow

this was a cinema in rue de babylon - can you believe it? so beautiful this garden, cinemaxx go home seriously;-)

A panda would have died and gone to heaven here:-)

whenever there is a mirror we do a could photo:-)

me in a mirror ball lamp:-)

i like green!

bella lula drink:-)

i saw some nonnes and got inspired by their dresses - i folded a napkin to remember the pattern i want to use, when sewing it at home

my handsome man in a new shirt from muji

my reebok babies have carried me around the streets of paris yay!

quality time for me

le fin:-)

i'm spending 12 days in paris - i know the city pretty well by now since i've been here many times. however, i love discovering new places, exploring the newest shops and enjoying watching all the lovely parisians:-)

here is a picture update from tuesday. yesterday, i didn't get to see much, since i was at the hotel because of fever and cold:-( today, fortunately i was waking up feeling fresh and happy again!


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