mandag den 9. april 2012


sweater by weekday, shirt by h&m, riding pant by american apparel


lunch today, homemade and yummy

best bread money can buy (seriously not kidding) from meyers deli in copenhagen - "ølands bread"

//i just realized that i promised you guys to show you the piece of jewellery i bought as a gift to myself the other day - i'm so sorry i forgot:-( the gift was these simple and elegant earrings by dyrberg kern (danish design). when i was younger i was really fond of this brand but lately i think they've had some challenges regarding their designs. these earrings are classic and ideal for work, i think, and that is also how i've always thought of dyrberg kern's jewellery - understated elegance;-)

today, i was supposed to have enjoyed a walk around copenhagen but unfortunately the weather was not for that... in stead i jumped on my bike, spent a fortune on a nice bread from meyers deli and made a delicious lunch. i also tested my skills as a handy woman, which went quite ok actually:-) 

now, i'm off to bed - work is calling tomorrow!!

goodnight kisses!

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