mandag den 9. april 2012


olivia brasserie - odense

vintapperstræde - the cutest little street in my home town odense

@olivia brasserie there is a really nice atmosphere - plus a cute bread basket

very tasty coq au vin - at only 99dkk, sweet!!

yummy ceasar salad - thumbs up for the homemade croutons 

the menu - hard to choose

cute and french-ish interior - i was sitting at this angle and able to stare at the cakes (torture;-)

hm tee, pants by monki, my minty babies from nike

golden cardi by hm

had time to do a little shopping...

//being back from a lovely easter holiday at my parents house is nice but i still miss my old whereabouts once in a while...i get a bit nostalgic every time i go back - especially on a day like yesterday, where the weather was sunny and everything looked just the way i remember it from my childhood:-) on the other hand, i enjoy life in copenhagen so much right now that i'm kind of sure that i wouldn't be happy moving back just yet - maybe some day. 

today i've decided to enjoy what my city has to offer and go on a little adventure - i'm so happy i'm free to do these things, and work is not until tomorrow so plenty of time to enjoy;-)


2 kommentarer:

  1. hej.. nu måtte jeg jo lige kigge forbi din blog efter den dejlige kommentar. og jeg må sige.. HOLD KÆFT HVOR ER DU SMUK ALTSÅ! :) og dejlig blog!
    så so far i like too :)

    1. tark;-) får helt røde kinder haha, fedt at du liker!!

      kh Mia